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12/08/2016 0 Comment

ECommerce Portal Services

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/08/2016

ECommerce portal services are excellent ways of exchanging products and services online with some valuable features of a portal. They act as a gateway to the people globally for carrying out the transactions by just pressing a button. Buyers prefer to make purchases through the internet in order to avoid the stress and hazels of visiting the shops. By searching the products online individuals can make comparisons which again are offered by most eCommerce portals. Another major benefit is they offer the most convenient ways to B2C (business to customer) order processing method in which orders are taken from the respective associates and clients of a company and delivered quickly to the customers for his or her use with the power of the internet.

With the advent of eCommerce portals the total number of people buying online has also increased. It is because they provide a far better brand equity than other websites. If any product is of good quality and receives the maximum number of reviews, ratings, likes and shares it is put up in the search pages, thereby has a lasting impression on the customer’s mind. Again, if the delivery techniques and customer services are excellent then customers may lead to becoming the brand ambassadors without taking any money. With this the cost of maintaining and managing the products and services also decreases since the web based management system is fully automated hence terminates the costs of human labor. Online stores also have pages of information where customers may read about their history and future prospects. They even provide a full 24/7 shop services due to which people of all time zones can buy from them at any part of the day throughout the year. However, the products might be exposed to tough competitors selling with similar brand names online at even lesser prices.  

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