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12/17/2016 0 Comment

Some useful facts about Civilian Drones

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/17/2016

Drones are the advanced versions of model airplane hobbyists. They are unmanned flying vehicles that come in airplane and helicopter varieties with eight or more spinning rotors and are controlled by the humans from the ground. Drones are used for the situations where manned flight is considered difficult or risky. Although they originated mostly for carrying out the military operations, their uses are now flourishing in commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural and other sectors. Civilian drones now outnumber the military drones on a large scale.

The term drone or the unmanned aircraft system was first adopted in the resemblance of navigation by the United States Department of Defense in the year 2005. The term emphasized the importance of elements such as ground control stations, data links and other support equipments. Today the drone manufacturing industry is growing at a fast pace with an increase in its sales and revenue.

Many people buy drones just to have the sheer joy of flying an object in the sky, but its biggest utility lies in the capturing of quality photographs and images from an aerial vantage point. In the case of natural and man made disaster areas they can be used to locate stranded and injured victims and assess ongoing threats without providing any risk for the rescue teams. They can also contribute safe infrastructure maintenance by assessing the structure’s condition. Drones can also provide media the chances to access hard to reach places since aerial photography for any news broadcast or films can be safely and economically carried out by them.

One of the biggest challenges to drones is that they could easily collide with the aircraft, thus providing a threat to the passengers and pilots. Again the drones capturing the aerial footage of wildfire photographs, many times have hindered the helicopter pilots in putting out the blazes. Some drone manufacturers are working on creating software that will prevent the entry of these aircrafts in the restricted air spaces.

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