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12/21/2016 0 Comment

Understanding the internet of things and its usage in the daily lives

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/21/2016

The internet of things is a phrase used for the rising desire and demand for connecting more and more devices to the internet and the cloud. These devices are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity that enable the collection as well as exchange of data and form the infrastructure of the information society. In today's fast changing world the internet of things or IoT as it is called has grown beyond laptops, smartphones and tablets and include everything from fitness machines to home automation devices like refrigerators and air conditioners and are rapidly expanding in the smart cities.

Legal scholars refer'things"as an inextricable combination of hardware, software, data and service. They offer an advanced connectivity of systems and services that goes beyond machine to machine communications and covers a variety of protocols, domains and applications that has a huge impact on the mankind. A smart house is one of the major outputs when people think of bringing IOT. Security systems allow to monitor the home from afar. These technologies also help the individuals to keep a track of children or pets left at home. They can even set up sensors that notifies them when some doors or windows are opened, a helpful tool for the caregivers. IOT equipments sensors are also used to monitor machines and notify businesses of malfunctions or parts that need repairing. It is also used as a device to monitor urban pollution control that affects specific regions.

In the recent times IOT has also contributed a lot for the festive seasons of Christmas by offering fascinating products that are coming across in the retail stores, allowing people to choose and buy from them as gifts for their friends and family. These products include Wifi enabled coffee makers, Mimo baby monitors, whistle pet trackers and the Hellow Barbie from Mattel. While more gadgets are coming down in the digital market,many software companies are focusing on providing  services that makes existing connected devices much easier to use.

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