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12/24/2016 0 Comment

Future trends in app development

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/24/2016

The development of apps for smartphones has been a boon to the digital world. Today apps have gained prominence in every field starting from education, health, finance to wearables for smart cars, IOT enabled devices and much more. Since cloud based app services have become more important with every passing year the mobile app developers are able to take the advantage of technology which is even faster and advanced than in the past. Some of the advanced trends that app development services is looking for in 2017 are

Location based services that continue to rise. With the availability of GPS mobile services are now location based service (LPS) that will continue to evolve further and provide real time information or deals based on the whereabouts. Some of the key areas where LPS can be executed are indoor mapping, location specific payment portals, retail offers, security features, travel and tourism.

A significant number of apps will be using AR more effectively and productively than ever before due to which words and phrases can be capitalized in the messenger apps. Again, if someone sends a video or text with an exclusive catchphrase a related, actionable item can plop up.

Android instant apps would become the common trend. Such apps do not need to be installed or downloaded as they can run with a single tap.

IOT app integrations would remain unchallenged. Companies in the fields of health, education, smart homes and automobiles have started implementing with IOT advancements hence keeping that in mind the development of apps will be a good move.

At the end of the day providing a premium and smooth user experience is a key to app development. The designing skills of the apps and understanding the broad base of customers will be the priority of the best of mobile app developers.

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