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12/27/2016 0 Comment

Solving the looming food crisis with the help of technology

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/27/2016

The world's population is expected to witness a sharp increase by the end of the century. This involves exerting more pressure on the food supply. In order to meet the global demand the overall agricultural yield has to be roughly double of today's output. Advanced information technology, improved communication system, robotic drones as well as other mechanized and digital technologies is coming in the farms thus boosting up cultivations and reducing wastage. In the past cultivation was based on undeveloped lands along with excessive use of fertilizers and water. Such things are not a very good option today.

The new age of digital advancement has gone a long way in making precision farming possible. This involves gathering real time data and receiving actionable insights that can specify what exactly should be done at each location at any given time. Nowadays, large local firms utilize IOT platforms to remotely monitor sensors that detect soil moisture, crop growth and livestock feed levels, remotely manage their irrigation equipment and combine the data with the third party information. Being able to predict the weather conditions is also a vital part of precision farming. The use of weather and soil data give insights when and how much to irrigate while reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers to help growers prevent the loss of crops. Another more economical approach is to provide the farmers with better information tools like smartphones so that they remain updated with the market trends and can better plan their harvests and distribution.

Another way that IT innovations helps the farms is by managing the agricultural inputs. In the past decade, farmers used tractors equipped with computers to determine the amount of fertilizers and seeds used. The future generations are looking forward to using robots and drones that can gather information about the areas that need inputs through highly powerful thermal and visual imagery.

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