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12/28/2016 0 Comment

Some of the top digital trends that will dominate 2017

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/28/2016

The year 2016 has witnessed digital technologies that have brought user friendly solutions to the market faster than ever before. Successful corporate companies today are able to conduct their business activities halfway across the globe. Besides the advent of connected cars, smart homes and digital assistants is leading to the creation of new ecosystems that threatens the existence of smartphones and androids. Some of the trends in digital world that is expected to shape the annual predictions for the coming year include

Dominance of mobile phones over desktops. The presence of handheld devices and fading away of desktop computer's traffic clearly indicates that the money is now invested in mobile focused internet marketing. Therefore, mobile optimization remains top priorities of the digital marketers.

World on the wheels. Since the autonomous vehicles are becoming a part of our daily lives, organizations would focus on the car as a connected mobile environment and explore ways to integrate experiences between car and home.

Homes without boundaries. Organizations should focus beyond device centric strategies instead of designing and signing home experiences which better meet the individual householder needs and wants.

The Glocalization. A combination of globalization and localization to allow the brands adopt their products and content to local conditions. Nowadays customers want brands to adapt to their locals and speak their local languages.

Unintended consequences. Organizations would focus not just on their customer and employee experiences, but on their social experiences as well to guard against unintended consequences of their activities.

Ephemeral content. Brand owners would shift their focus from story telling to story doing by creating stories of what the brands do rather than say. They shall provide room for the audiences to shape their highly personal and ephemeral content.

So these are some of the major digital trends that will influence the ways in which businesses will invest and grow across industries and countries.

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