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12/29/2016 0 Comment

Facebook’s anti bullying tools promises to build up a culture of respect

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/29/2016

Facebook has announced to introduce a set of anti bullying tools to protect the users from bullying and online harassments, thereby, enable a strong sense of community in the social network and 'create a culture of respect' among the online users globally. The latest changes focus mainly on the two aspects. An improved and secured center with more multimedia resources and social media tools for reporting any offensive or bullying content. The refreshed safety centers that can be accessed through the phone or the web is available in more than 50 languages providing advice to those who need assistance.

The Bullying Prevention hub was originally introduced in the year 2013 to offer tools to help people stand by each other when they see bullying behavior both online and offline along with contextual education and other information. The hub is linked to Facebook so when an online victim reports something he or she is redirected to the safety centers. Within the reporting option interfaces the targeted user can wish to privately send message to the user who posted the stressful and offensive content. Again, if the user reports the content to Facebook then he or she can include a trusted authority figure like the teacher or parent as a contact in that incident report.

While using a social site like Facebook parents should be aware about how the teens are using the site and with whom they share the posts. Accordingly, the Facebook offers tips and options like Unfriend, block or report, for the individuals being harassed, or bullied online. Recently it has also launched a guide for women to avoid any kind of digital harassment.

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