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12/30/2016 0 Comment

How has the soft skills outweighed hard skills for IT business

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on12/30/2016

Since technology is in the hands of every individual IT can no longer have control over the hardware, software and apps that is coming into the scene. With more departments depending on technology it needs to collaborate with IT in finding the best products and educating the workers on security risks. In the recent times small and big companies are looking for qualified candidates who possess strong, soft skills, who are versatile and willing to work in teams and solve problems rather than individual experts. Qualified workers complete their training in the fields where they require knowledge, but it is more difficult to collaborate and communicate efficiently. On the other hand, workers with soft skills can easily adapt themselves with the changing landscape.

The skills needed in IT sectors change very frequently, therefore they opt for applicants who posses a t shaped personality. These types of employees adjust to the new environments quickly, learn new skills and stay up to date with emerging trends. They will also be able to identify solutions and the IT departments would choose based upon their application. Leaders within the departments need to communicate tools with the respective IT departments prior to adopting any technologies. It is also important for any IT to build relationships with the rest of the company especially with the remote workers. Opening lines of communication are one of the best ways to get more insight whether it is an internal platform or more popular service. Employees should work as partners with the IT in solving the challenges therefore the leaders must have the soft skills to be easily accessible to their employees and provide them with the necessary help and advice.

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