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01/03/2017 0 Comment

How the software developers would work in 2017

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on01/03/2017

With the rising of IT industries and increasing expectations for digital services, companies are now looking for developers who are experts in their fields, are able to write code across applications and platforms, and are empowered to work in a collaborative atmosphere. Some of the key skills that the developers need to focus include
•    Developing an incremental and iterative approach to a project. This methodology helps to bring about a change and allows a project to be redefined and re optimized on a regular basis. A successful developer comfortably works in faster iterations and is able to successfully communicate with the team members.
•    Mastering the cloud computing services. Many companies are hosting applications on the cloud. Therefore the developers should possess some knowledge about how to write code that optimizes work on these platforms regardless of framework, operating system, database or other applications.
•    Knowing the fundamentals.  A developer should have an in depth knowledge about the framework and know the fundamentals or take some coding classes. The fundamentals are in demand, especially when they go through job interviews.
•    Keeping their focus on test driven development which has transformed the traditional approach into writing codes. This approach is perfect for the developers since it is incremental. It is also a time saving methodology which prevents them from spending hours on functional codes that cannot pass the basic tests.
•    Learning the Javascript frameworks. These are the most popular frameworks in which the front end developers can build efficient and sound web based applications. Most companies require coders who use Javascripts in their software applications.
Whether being in a company or competing for a new job the developers should know the skills that will help to stay focused on what matters for the new year.

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