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01/05/2017 0 Comment

Balancing security and usability for authentication using data analytics

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on01/05/2017

Technological advancements have made lives more comfortable by allowing people to get everything by just pressing a button. It is also a powerful tool that can improve safety and security conditions in ways that were never possible before. Computer authentication passwords are the most common security measures to start with. They can be accessed very easily and have become popular worldwide. With the upcoming of updated versions computers have become faster and password guessing has become easier. Therefore, many smart users write their passwords and store them in their wallets or use a secured password database like Password Safe. Many a times users forget their passwords so some systems include a backup authentication service where users can authenticate themselves with some personal information. They can also use a secure ID token, which is a small device with a screen that displays a password which changes automatically once a minute and is more secure because it is combined with the password.

The use of biometric authentication service with its home button fingerprint sensor has also expanded rapidly. The biggest benefit of using this system is the ease of use which it offers. Fingerprint scanners are affordable also users can compare their fingerprints among the millions of records held under the computer database. Also, it is much difficult to fraud a biometric device than stealing an employee identification card. Along with the biometrics, technology has also incorporated the use of selfie security in the recent years by allowing the testing of a new facial recognition system for the online payments. It also has a lot of advantages over passwords as users cannot forget them because they are unique and easy to provide.

From automation to safety, efficiency to convenience the internet of things or IOT has revolutionized the daily lives. Within this internet infrastructure device and sensors communicate with each other to perform the designated tasks as well as protect the personal data across the internet.

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