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01/06/2017 0 Comment

Google’s photo scans app helps to restore old family photos

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on01/06/2017

Today smart phones dominate the telecom industry by storing thousands of photographs, thus making it possible to merge chronicles of our lives into a single device. Recently it has introduced a new scanning app which helps in digitizing and preserving the physical photos. This free app detects edges, rotates it to the correct orientation and removes glare to improve the overall quality. It also works with photos in frames, pictures and albums. Scanned photos are stored in google photos which can be safely searched and shared. Most of the people have their old albums of family photographs as memories which they think of restoring as moments for them this scanning app is an easy option. The app is available in both Android and IOS devices.

While scanning a photograph Google’s app lines a circle at the center of the screen with four dots located at the corners. Then it takes multiple individual images and combines them together, thus making sure to eliminate any glare infected shots.  Since photo scans work with the google photos it allows the users to transfer newly scanned pictures to the cloud library, from where google photos would identify them from the content of the image. The app is good for identifying the same person over the course of their life with its computer vision. It is also cheaper than sending pictures to be scanned out by a professional. There are a wide range of alternatives to photo scan available in the market, but while they might crop and straighten non use the idea of combining multiple angles to remove glares.

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