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01/06/2017 0 Comment

The most helpful fitness tech for getting in shape

Posted by:Kriti Chakraborty on01/06/2017

In the last few years, many people have taken the pledge of shaping themselves, but have ended up with fruitless results. It is partly because they do not know how to reduce weight and get stuck to figure things out on their own without incurring much expense. Luckily, researchers have introduced some gadgets and apps to help the individuals in leading a healthy life and provide a feedback into how best to approach the training and exercise sessions. Some of these are smart tools that include fitness app Map My Run to make the most of the user’s hard work and sweaty hours. This app helps to track speed, pace, elevation, distance, duration and the amount of calories burnt, during a run or jogging, that is all the information needed by the individuals for a good start. Some of the advanced training options also include preset running routes, specialized work outs and sponsored challenges. Every workout is shared with larger communities, therefore users are always aware about where they stand.

A number of fitness wearables have stuck up providing a bit more insight into the user’s activities. The Moov Now is a direct repudiation of those which tracks the specific motions related to a range of fitness activities like running, swimming, boxing, cycling and other related training activities. The wearable is worn on the wrist or ankle determines the wearer’s motions to give the real time audio feedback  both on the form and the technique. The Garmin Vivo active GPS smart watches are another form of wrist wearables which is used to measure the heart beats. There is a lot more of other digital fitness devices available in the market and they get better all the time.

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