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02/15/2017 0 Comment

Better collaboration between designers, and between designers and developers

Posted by:Iwebnext on02/15/2017

In the last few years the demand for web development has increased tremendously as more people are prone to using the internet for the smallest of things. In order to gain visibility in the global market the various IT companies now are building effective and functional websites for selling their products and services with the help of a dedicated team of designers and developers working under one department and sharing similar tasks to create the best possible outcome. While the designers and developers may work from different rooms or countries, both are dependent on each other to create a more complete project.From the initial discussion to the final client presentation and overall strategy planning include a collaboration of the design and development team so that there is less work and a second set of eyes to look at the overall layout plan as well as find flaws or mistakes.
Traditionally, both the web designers and developers were entrusted with separate jobs. However, with the increase in competitions among the companies the web designers have established communication links with the developers to gain a better understanding of the projects and its effective implementation. Throughout the design process, there are various deliverables that designers share with the clients such as changes, feedback and other modifications that takes time. By encouraging communication with the development team every deliverable can ensure that all are on the same page. This again helps to create more cohesive and quality products and merge the ideas for a more rounded vision about the outcomes of the project. Also the designers get an idea about what the developers are capable of creating. In short creating an efficient user experience needs a lot of hard work and labor and the collaboration of the skills of both the designers as well as developers not only helps to ensure that the project is made effective but it is designed with beautiful aesthetics.

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