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02/22/2017 0 Comment

Merging of UX and service design

Posted by:Iwebnext on02/22/2017

Service designs should be combined with the UX, also known as user experience to provide a great service experience to the online visitors of the World Wide Web. With the development of information technology the design field has also witnessed a rapid change and updated with new processes to achieve the desired results. The companies working on service designs and UX understand that it is a complex field and find innovative ways of improving their work with the inspiration of other professionals, ideas and strategies. Both the designs originate from design thinking, but the application depends on the situation. The service designers also design the behind the scene activities which enable those experiences to be delivered as planned.
The design community has significantly contributed to shaping the UX centric product development culture while governing a service design project. There is a good deal of UX work included in the digital marketing touch points like banners, logo, landing pages and micro sites. Various service designers aim at improving the quality of life of the people in need through the social innovations. While the terms experience and user experience have both been abused yet it is hard to discard that the UX design team has successfully created wonders in cementing people’s recollection to the desired perception of a brand's value.

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