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02/24/2017 0 Comment

Wider implementation of responsive design

Posted by:Iwebnext on02/24/2017

Responsive web design is a wider approach that includes adjustable screen resolutions responding to a user's behavior and the environment. With more devices been accessed in the market each of them might handle variations in size, functionality even color. As the user move from laptops to iPad or smartphones the optimal viewing experience include an ease of browsing with minimum scrolling. It is much cost effective as having the need to maintain a separate mobile site. Again the SEO campaigns are much easier to manage with only one site. The greater flexibility of the responsive site designs also allows the contents to flow across all device screens which is more important to the customers in a clear and logical way. At this point the majority of branding and style work is done with a larger layout.
Since responsive websites have one URL and the same HTML it makes easier for the Google to crawl, index and organize the contents, thereby allowing the users to share and interact within one website. The responsive web designs are the need of the day as it helps the business to remain ahead of the competitors, reduces the bounce rates and boost up website conversions.

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