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03/15/2017 0 Comment

10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

Posted by:iwebnext on03/15/2017

A good website appeals to the online visitors and increases the brand visibility of the business firms. However, for new customers the first impression is important to drive them away from the competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid some common mistakes that permit the customers to leave a site such as:

  • Making the branding clear as many business boast of being the best and cheapest which can put the customers under the impression that they are not. While thinking about branding they should focus on things which differentiate them from the rest.
  • Unclear contact information can infuriate their customers to move to other sites. Therefore, they should ensure that email address and other contact number can be located
  • Appearance of square or rectangular shaped adverts in the center of the screen while loading some interesting article and refuse to move away unless the user provides his or her email address can make most of the visitors to switch over to the other websites.
  • Poor SEO structure resulting in poor ranking of the sites as the design is not picked up by the google crawlers.
  • Poor navigation can drive customers away therefore it is important to create websites that customers can easily browse.
  • Outdated content can make the customers assume that the company is not active. Therefore, regular updating contents help in boosting SEO.
  • Slow loading speeds can force people to press the"back" button and switch to other sites. Therefore, it is important to encourage people to stay on the sites by quick page loading times.
  • Absence of social media links can be distracting for the customers as it is one of the important ways to demonstrate that the website is active.
  • Ugly landing pages will not allow the people to stay on the sites. Therefore, it is important to have a site that has a clear layout.
  • No reviews. If the customers cannot see any guarantee of the quality they are less likely to buy the products and services.

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