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03/17/2017 0 Comment

The PIP or say Picture-in-Picture mode

Posted by:iwebnext on03/17/2017

PIP or picture in picture is a feature accessed in the television or similar other devices and requires separate, independent tuners or signal sources in order to supply the large and small picture. It is often used to watch one program while waiting for the another to start or the advertisement to finish. The PIP videos can be displayed in a range of customizable sizes with pinching gestures and can be dragged in all the four corners of the screen. In addition the PIP can also be dragged off the screen to see more of the display. The PIP works on any video as well as Apple's own native app. The app should include the Apple's tools for the background playback.
The PIP window appears on a 240/135 DP in one of the screen corners and is displayed on the top of the contents. By using this pinned window the users can remain engaged in the viewing activity while browsing the other things on the internet. While the users come to the end of the current content that they are watching some relevant information are displayed on the screen while the content finishes such as during the credits of the current TV episodes some information about the next episodes is displayed in a series while the finishing episodes continues to play in the PIP window.

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