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03/17/2017 0 Comment

Easily replying a message from the Notification bar

Posted by:iwebnext on03/17/2017

While using the latest version of the What’s App the users can find a Quick Reply button in the notification area by tapping which opens a widget through which one can quickly reply as well as send messages. With the notification the online users can get the same width, style and functionality for the messaging apps and is supported by Skype, Google hangouts and Facebook messenger as well. The services can be further customized using the Tap on the Settings button of the specific messaging  service. The latest updates to the Whatsapp or iPhone added the ability to quickly reply in the in app notifications.
For more control on how to reply the messages the online customers can use the quick reply which has a chat head notification and a quick shortcut used for recently messaged contacts on the notification drawer. With this one can quickly reply, send a direct message and check it and it is like a heads up notification with a reply option. One of the important features of the app is the users can create a predefined message and use it many times while use the message for a direct reply. Some more customizable options such as wake screen on notification and multiple messages are also available behind a paywall for a fee.

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