When it comes to real estate, the three things that matter most are location, location, and location. Once you've identified the perfect location for your next project what matters most is TIME. Streamlining the development process is critical to your success. Shorter timeframe = lower cost and risk, and faster facility openings = faster revenue generation.

We provides a web-based and Desktop management system designed to help you speed the development process from site selection and acquisition to construction and design .

For companies that also own and manage properties or provide property management services, We provides a centralized system to manage your customers' entire portfolio.

Manage the development process including site selection, due diligence, acquisition, and initial design. Iwebnext even provides executive reports to rank and rate your potential acquisitions to assist with the selection process and improve your return on investment. Important documents for each property are accessible to the people you allow - including internal employees,contractors , consultants , and even tenants.


  • Shorten the time of development.
  • Real Estate Software Lower your project cost and risk.
  • Construction Software Manage unlimited number of properties from one location.
  • Property Software Manage the flow of information across all parties involved.
  • Estate Software Increase efficiency in managing site selection, due diligence, acquisition, and initial design.
  • Property Management Software Provide controlled access to information to stakeholders (including employees, contractors ,consultants , and even tenants).


Internet technologies make searching easier. Database technologies have enabled brokers, agents and third-parties to distribute and display more information about loans, listings , and other home buying information than ever possible before.

To make a competitive bid on a home, get the right loan at the right rate, and appear somewhat knowledgeable before making such an investment, many buyers feel that they have to start the information gathering process far ahead of talking to a Realtor. Therefore Realtors who have a web site have a competitive edge.

Where else can buyers take a virtual tour of a home's interior, view loan products and calculators to buy the home, find neighborhood and ask questions of the listing agent all at the same place? This is something akin to the personalized service they receive from a real estate agent

Adding to the appeal of the Internet is its 24-hour service, enabling these buyers to do their homework at their own pace. They can search for homes after the children go to bed, or at work using the boss' high-speed Internet access.