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02/15/2017 0 Comment

Complex layouts rooted in graphic design principles

Posted by:Iwebnext on02/15/2017

The world of web design and development is continuously evolving with the latest technological innovation. The graphic designs of websites are a result of the IT companies among many other online services for packaging, advertisements, online shopping and much more. Automated single page graphic design is one such complex and challenging task. Given the graphic designs the team of professional experts conduct an analysis of the hidden variables corresponding to the perpetual properties such as alignment and grouping. These variables are later on used to evaluate the designs. The developers also use various parameters to apply at the layout model. Firstly the system can synthesize the new design layout in different styles. Secondly the system can re target the existing design to a new size or ratio and finally implement a design checker which can improve the existing design to better match the basic principles of the graphic designs
There is little work involved in automating the single page graphic designs. One of the major problems is the adaptive layout of the text based documents such as articles and blogs. In all such cases templates and dynamic programming could be used to efficiently generate layouts. Also the single page graphic designs are free forms and do not easily conform to the templates or a linear lead order.  The related problem with the graphic design is re targeting of the web pages to the different display sizes. Mapping  between the DOM (Document Object Model) elements of the two web pages are learned from the user data allowing both user data and re targeting. The web designers focus on the layout problems for creating layouts which respects the principles of graphic designs.

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