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03/17/2017 0 Comment

Doze effect optimized with Android N

Posted by:iwebnext on03/17/2017

The latest Android doze features help the battery to drain low when the phone is not in use. In android phones the apps have the ability to prevent the phone from the power saving deep sleep mode. This mode gets in when the phone screen is off. The apps keep the phone awake and working all the time, therefore kills the battery. The doze helps to solve the problem by periodically blocking the wake locks and closing the network access to the CPU intensive services if the phone remains unused  for some time. This has periodically allowed the apps to check in during the maintenance windows every often. The developers usually have control over the changes allowing for refreshing the data when the users return to their phones. The doze mode is applied to all apps regardless of the target SDK level.
The dose can affect the apps significantly depending on the services they offer significantly. Several apps function normally across the dose cycles without modifications, however, there are some restrictions apply to the apps while converting to the doze mode such as the network access should be suspended, the system does not perform the WIFI scans or allow the sync adaptors to run.

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