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03/17/2017 0 Comment

: Night Mode is back with Android N

Posted by:iwebnext on03/17/2017

Previously the search engines such as the Google had pulled the night mode before the final build came out, but is again introduced in the Android N. The night mode tile enables to enter the color temperature adjusted mode to make it easier for the eyes. The users can long press the tile in order to adjust its settings and turn on automatically. There is a toggle at the top to turn it on and off and below that is the toggle for automatic activation. The phone switches on the night mode settings automatically after the sun set in the current location. The majority of the settings is under the heading “When the night mode is on”. The Nexus phones allow them to work better at nights and in other low light situations.  In case the overall dark theme is not available the Nexus devices running the Nougat could activate a handy blue light filter similar to the one found in Galaxy Note 7. In order to get the night mode on in Android N the user should open the google play, store and install the night mode enabler then return to the home screen.  The theory behind bringing back the night modes is using the bright screens has an impact on the sleep patterns making it harder to go to sleep.

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