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With the development of technology, more businesses are coming into existence.


CRM is the short form for the term Customer Relationship Management. To manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, CRM is used. It is basically client relationship management software to assist in the practices, strategies and technologies that companies use. CRM is mainly functional for assisting in customer retention, improving business relationships with customers, and driving sales growth. For compiling information on customers, CRM software solutions is the most effective tool across different channels. It also acts as the point of contact between the company and the customer, which could include the company's marketing materials and social media, live chat, website, telephone, direct mail, etc. For front end customer relationship executives, or managers, CRM is like a lifeline, because it provides details on customers' personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Customer relationship Management has become more challenging nowadays. For a typical business today, CRM management software is most necessary, which would span multiple product lines and service channels, and keep pace with ever-changing competitive and regulatory environments. CRM is that special tool without, which is almost impossible to keep track of all the customers’ data--both personal and professional, purchase habits, attrition causes, preferences, apps and tools used, etc. Best CRM programs is also an interface for capturing customer grievances, and keep a record of those for further follow ups and comprehensive customer centric solutions to the problems, thereby retaining the customer on the business platform. Without CRM, the process of providing solutions to customer problems becomes long and tedious, and by the time a solution arrives,it has often been noticed that the customer has moved on to some other business and their products and services. Hence, under-performance in customer relationship management directly translates into lost revenue.


  • Service Alerts

  • Lead Management

  • Sales Management

  • Multi level Inventory

  • Service Management

  • Supplier Management.

  • Supply Chain Management

  • User Access Security Management

  • Inventory Management (FG & Spares)

  • Purchase Management (FG & Spares)

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