Digital Marketing


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The term “digital marketing” is a broad or wide in concept. Digital marketing acts like an umbrella under which each and every kind of possible online marketing tools comes under the purview. The digital marketing services have appeared as a boon for many business ventures for their purpose of advertising and marketing.

We are thriving in a world full of possibilities and opportunities led through technological advancements. Digital media as the concept is a blend of technology and content as a whole. Information that is encoded in machine-readable formats is termed Digital media. This media can be created, distributed, viewed, modified and preserved on electronic devices. And digital marketing is a platform where this digital media are used for the purpose of marketing and propaganda. Digital marketing in other words is a process of marketing a product or service through the use of digital technologies mainly through use of internet. Digital marketing techniques can also use various other platforms like mobile application, display advertising, etc as a medium or platform of digital marketing other than internet.

The concept of digital marketing started since the year 1990 to 2000 and has changed the manner in which brands previously used to do their marketing. Due to the increasing popularity of digital marketing online advertisement campaigning market are becoming widely popular. The form of digital marketing methods can include Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Content marketing, Search Engine Marketing or SEM, using Social media, direct e-mail marketing, Social media optimization, e-books, white collars, display advertising, e-commerce marketing, sms blasting and many other domains are used in digital marketing.

The form of digital marketing is helpful or usable in terms of audience connect. Digital marketing supports or helps in two way communication process like the targeted audience or customers who are willing to buy a product or avail the services of a company or service provider can communicate or can at least provide feedback as per his wish to the advertiser or the service provider.At current scenario many digital marketing companies are working almost in every corner of the globe providing digital marketing services.