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Enterprise Applications are the backbone of a productive workforce.


An enterprise application is a Big business application. They are highly complex systems having a very complex network of roles and responsibilities in todays cut throat corporate business world. Enterprise Application Development can be as best termed as mission critical, scalable, component-based, and again, complex. Either intranets, or the internet, enterprise application development may be deployed on a variety of platforms across the corporate network. They must meet the most stringent requirements of security, administration and maintenance, and are highly data centric. At the same time these are user friendly.

There are hundreds and thousands of requirements which are separate in nature, and whose parameters must be met while designing and developing such enterprise applications. And every development decision that is taken might impact other requirements, which are impossible to predict beforehand, hence making the whole exercise highly complex and risky! The failure to meet any of these requirements can mean the failure of the entire project!


Todays IT world is comprised of a complex ecosystem, for which there is the necessity of Enterprise application management. The enterprise architecture methodologies, composite application architectures, and SOA, make it possible to create highly configurable applications. These applications are again integrated at the platform level. The post-deployment management of enterprise applications is a very complex activity, however, because the application architectures make dynamic configuration and run-time configuration, both possible.


Enterprise Application Software, or Enterprise software, short form of which is EAS, is a computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization, and is not really meant for individual or lone use. Such organizations would include Schools, medium to big businesses, Government bodies or organizations, Other interest-based user groups, clubs or charities. It is hence best described as a collection of computer programs, with common business applications. It is basically the tools for modeling how the entire organization will work, and development tools for building applications which are unique to the organization. The software thus is expected to solve the entire enterprise-wide problems, rather than small individual or departmental problems in the organization. It aims to improve the enterprise's efficiency and productivity, by providing business logic support.


Iwebnext team of enterprise application developers is there to solve your enterprise application needs, and will analyze and ensure your requirements, to understand the platform that would best serve your business needs. The Software development team at Iwebnext ensures that your app is built to the level of scalability that is required by your organization. Since we have been working in this field for quite some time now, we have in-depth insight into the software development life cycle of enterprise applications. It is also our job to understand the limitations of working within a fixed budget and hence we will work with you to get your product out in phases so that you build only what you need, delivering exactly when you need it.

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