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Hospitals and other clinical institutions are amongst the most crowded places that pose a challenging task for the admin to effectively manage the resource.

What is Hospital Management:


Health care systems management or health systems management refers to the general management of hospitals,or a network of hospitals, and any kind of health care systems. The term Hospital management system actually refers to management at all levels.This unique facility can also be termed as "healthcare management", "medical and health services management", or "health administration".

The Hospital or clinic management system ensures that specific outcomes are attained. The main role of this management system is to see that all the health facility departments are running smoothly, that people know what is expected of them, that the right people are in the right jobs, that all departments are working towards a common goal and that resources are used efficiently. 83%

If an organization is always under pressure 24*7, 365 days a year, it is a Hospital. Hospital management system and software reduces this pressure by helping with the paperwork of such an institution. It poses a challenging task for the administrative task force to manage Hospitals and other clinical institutions, which are amongst the most crowded places. So, with the population outburst, it has become absolutely necessary to manage the system with the help of some smart softwares build specifically to streamline, store, edit and manage the data.

What is Hospital administration software:

It is an integrated desktop application meant for hospital management, that is developed to seamlessly manage a wide array of management and administrative process, in a very specific way that can be used in a large organization like a hospital/ or a clinic. This software makes the overall process more efficient and the resources are used more effectively, with an acceleration in the overall administrative and management process.

There are different modules in the software, and each module addresses a specific activity, and facilitates specific patient care services. This software track all services rendered, assists the human resource management to garner maximum value from the resources within the hospital, thus improving the hospital’s overall budget and costs. This software also helps calculate the rates of outsourced patient care personnel, who are hired based on different parameters, such as the age of the patient and emergency treatment, night care and treatment etc.

The many roles of Hospital Administration software:


When a patient is discharged from the hospital and all payments have been settled, discharge summary is automatically generated. In this module, the result of the laboratory tests can be imported and the format can be changed to incorporate specialty treatment rendered.


A discharge summary is automatically generated when all payments have been settled and a patient is discharged from the hospital. In this module, the format can be changed to incorporate specialty treatment , and also the result of the laboratory tests can be imported.


It is possible to effectively manage stocks such as oxygen cylinders syringes, dressing, and scheduled drugs, and other hospital related equipments. With this software, one can maintain an updated record of delivery data, issue slips, purchase orders,inventory and supplier payments and MRN.


Covers Radiology management, laboratory management, pharmacy management, MRD management, payroll and account management, TPAs.


These modules include dietary management and blood bank management, housekeeping, laundry, cafeteria.


Effective management of stocks such as syringes, dressing, oxygen cylinders and scheduled drugs, are kept. Maintain an updated record of purchase orders, delivery data, issue slips, MRN, inventory and supplier payments.


Covers Laboratory management, radiology management, pharmacy management, TPAs, MRD management, payroll and accounts management.


These modules include housekeeping , laundry, cafeteria and dietary management and blood bank management.


Details about the developing platform (Java / Dot net etc and the database details can be added here).


  • Flexible for all healthcare setups.
  • Can be easily customized to meet changing requirement to gauge areas of improvement and conform to mandatory regulations.
  • Cover all large and small modules and allows transfer or sharing of data amongst them..
  • Printing reports.
  • Immensely end user friendly.


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