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Iwebnext is a website development and design company in Durgapur focusing on the requirements of clients and giving the shape to their ideas in form of websites.


Iwebnext is a Website development company which is involved with Website design and development, CMS website designing. It is a customer centric organization, solely focusing on shaping amazing websites according to client requirements and budget.


Iwebnext is the best, because it focuses completely on customer requirement and also the customer’s budget constraints and delivers user friendly, catchy websites which can positively contribute to the growth of any kind of business or service. The main unique point of Iwebnext is clear communication and customer support. It is one of the best website designing and development company in Durgapur, because it has an experienced and dedicated team who gives their 100% to each and every project and does not rest until the client is fully satisfied with the outcome. A user friendly and catchy website can do wonders to take a business forward and generate traffic, resulting in the direct growth of the company. Iwebnext focuses on getting the job done within the stipulated time frame, but does not make any compromises on the quality of the website. The position of the site graphics, templates, site navigation, text and colours, all contribute in making a website super delightful, visually impressive and functional . The visitors to a customers’ website must be hooked from the very moment he or she sets their eyes on the site. Then easy navigation and product display along with easy search options, etc. will keep the customer from leaving the website, or make them come back again and again. During the web design consulting process, Iwebnext generally recommend web site navigation on the high left where the eyes naturally begin reading. Text that's uneven in size, boldness, color and bullet points generally draws attention to the different segments of the web page. Text ought to be SEO friendly and never hurt the eyes or overpower different visual components of the page. The visual components, as well as graphics and videos, should be relevant, hence keeping a visitor longer on the web site.


  • Definition of the Project.

  • Information.

  • Architecture.

  • Wire Frames.

  • Visual Design.

  • Quality analysis.

  • Search Engine Optimisation.

Through our effort and consistent delivery of amazing websites, Iwebnext has secured its place amongst the best in the industry. It has clients both in the country and overseas. All time back end support and transparent communication have resulted in happy customers throughout the globe. For website design, Iwebnext is the best web design and development company, we also work on the CMS website designing, Shopping cart designing , etc. We've simplified the web design process to provide customers with skilled web site solutions at a fraction of the value of the many alternative computing machine designers. By delivering a personalized package filled with all the options you wish, we will make sure that your web site is quick, interactive, friendly and exciting.


As a part of our FREE initial consultation, our team starts to gather feedback and analyze your requirements.


  • Work plan

  • Budget

  • Team necessities

  • Hardware-software needs

  • Supporting documents

  • Customer approval


As the best web development company, we've a transparent plan of your business, your market and your objectives, we start the analysis part. After we collect our data, it is time to know the audience that you would like to target, the plan and the extent of your business growth, the necessity of search engine optimization or any other form op preferred online marketing, the physical availability of stocks and other services that will be uploaded on the website, and the contact details.

  • Assess the various choices to attain the objectives

  • Develop technical specifications for the project

  • Build a sitemap to indicate the flow of the positioning

  • Elaborate Proposal

  • Contract and deposit taken

  • Timeframe: three Business Days


Once the specifications are finalized, work on the next steps proceed. With the collected info and needs, our graphic artists can prepare a mockup of the website , planning on the colors, Sitemap, font types and templates, graphics and pictures, etc. Once this has been done, we are going to produce a model website to assess the precise practicality of every section or page. This process continues till our client is fully satisfied. Once this gets finalized, we would request you to look and decide whether anything else needs to be added, or deleted, or changed on the website. Your suggestions and subsequent changes have an effect on the price and timeframe of the project.

  • Website style with templates

  • Useful prototypes or storyboards

  • Organisation / sitemap finalised

  • Assignment of responsibilities

  • Completion of development timeframe

  • Timeframe: one to two weeks


This is the part where our programmers work their magic! Taking the design and functionality that have been selected, our technicians begin to stitch the project together piece by piece. Our project managers are going to be in touch with you to update you on the progress of the project and provides you a chance to view the site on our staging server. Once the programming is completed, we'll do a full check to make sure that any noticeable bugs are taken care of before moving to Beta testing.

At this time, with the site currently in Beta, alongside the project and development team, we'll request you to check the site additionally to check for any bugs that we might uncover. Any bugs that are uncovered are to be sent back to the technical team for fixing and testing. Now the site is graduated to Alpha standing and testing is completed once more. If no bugs are discovered, the site is prepared for User Acceptance and 'Go Live'.

  • Programming and development as per needs and technical specifications

  • Bug testing and fixing

  • Content add to the site

  • Initial search engine optimization, metatag updates

  • Alpha and Beta release phases

  • Timeframe: two to eight weeks (project dependant)


At this stage, with the website functioning correctly and testing completed, we will be able to do any last minute changes to the content and tweak it before launch. The web server and any email accounts (if applicable) are setup and also the domain names are transferred and prepared for 'go-live'. Our project manager can then take you through the site step by step, touching on the brief and technical specifications. The check cases are run through once more at this stage and you'll be asked to validate your acceptance of the completion of the project. Once payment has been made, the site is activated and made available on the market to the public.

  • Web server setup and domain name transfer

  • Last minute content changes

  • User acceptance testing

  • Formal coaching and documentation provided

  • Site log off and final payment

  • Launch

  • Timeframe: one to two weeks


The site might have launched, however the duty of turning it into a profit creating machine is way from over. Once the site is live, it must be promoted and also the search engine optimization will begin. We tend to assess the pages rankings on a monthly basis, create applicable changes and supply you with a full report on however the site goes.

Promotion is the preparation of meta tags, constant analysis and submission of the URL to the search engines and directories.

Like any well-oiled machine, maintenance conjointly has to be administered. Database optimizing, link checking, load testing and minor tweaks and additions are some of the things that need to be done and upgraded consistently.

  • Search engine Submission and optimisation

  • Incoming Link building

  • Web site maintenance

  • Timeframe: in progress

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