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The main advantages of wordpress over whole totally different laptop creation tools are, WordPress is incredibly straightforward to use, Manage the worpress laptop from any laptop computer notebook computer since it's browser based totally computer.


If you want to create an amazing website or a blog, WordPress is the thing that will help you the most. It is an open source web package or a website creation tool written in PHP, valid HTML, and cascading style sheets (CSS), from where you can customize the package according to your needs and desires. With its flexibility, it is the most powerful and at the same time, easiest tool for website and blog creation with unique content management system (CMS). It’s a 100% free, open source available to everybody with a net connection. It’s flexible in a unique way that the users can switch between themes as per their choice. Themes are for changing the look and feel of the website which can be installed, and then altered without affecting or harming the contents or the quality of a website. WordPress users may install and switch between themes.


  1. The first and foremost advantage of creating a website with Wordpress is that it is very easy to sue, unlike other knowledge based tools like Joomla, Drupal, Typo3 etc. It has got thousands of plug-ins, all you require is to choose one and also choose a template and click on it. Your WordPress will get installed.

  2. You will get the support of a large community of users, with whom it is possible to discuss and share, thus improving on your use of Wordpress.

  3. Thousands of plug-ins are the most unique feature of Wordpress. In creating a website with Wordpress, you can choose from any, most of which are absolutely free. This is the main reason Wordpress is considered a CMS.

  4. WordPress website design is the easiest as you will see innumerable templates on the script’s homepage. These templates can change the look of your website as per your requirement or choice. There are both options of free and paid templates. If you want your site to be more interesting and user friendly, then you can go for paid templates.

  5. Wordpress website building is also supported with a menu management feature, which has extended functionalities. These can be modified to include categories, pages etc.

  6. Wordpress website development allows you to easily add fields by yourself or using plugins. It will allow your blog or sub pages to have additional labels, descriptions or, categories. Iwebnext is a website design and development company. It ensures to deliver effective, presentable, robust and highly functional WordPress CMS solutions. It is expert in Wordpress website design and development. Iwebnext works closely with each client to plan, develop, design, and release your customized website exactly as you are envisioning. We have a team of our own Wordpress exdperts who develop Word press plug-ins, to make word press do just about anything, for example, from making the site easier to administer, to adding the odd tweak or new feature, to completely changing the way your blog or website works. This company ensures that you as a client get exactly what u desired in terms of functionality and look.
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