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Google vs. ChatGPT- Exploring the Real Pros and Cons

AI is set to change the landscape of how the industry works in the 21st century. Starting from manufacturing to business performance analysis, everything is possible with artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is something exactly similar and trending at this moment. The best website development company in US is about to explore some exciting facts here.

Why Open AI & ChatGPT is trending? What ChatGPT means for businesses? How it can revolutionize the way we use search engines?

Hitting ever-high search traffic this month, Chat GPT is the hottest topic among people. For most of the users, Open AI and Chat GPT have really made a real difference. This platform works pretty similarly that can provide relevant answers considering the search queries. But, does it really can change the modern business landscape? Let us have a quick look at the topic!


Chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, automated rules, and Natural Language Processing to respond to queries from users. Of all the available platforms, ChatGPT is the most useful chatbot. Since this is in the development phase, this is engineered to understand the things behind the words we ask. The process is something similar to Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback.

The parent company behind the new innovation ChatGPT is Open AI. This was developed for non-profit purposes with investments from big names like Peter Thiel and Elon Musk. Considering the potential, Open AI has the potential to provide answers to queries. This platform can develop plagiarism-free content and code. The possibilities are endless with the newly-invented technology like ChatGPT.

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Chatbots are useful mediums to help users get relevant information about inquiries. But the real scenario is far from perfect. The questions it can handle are precise to the topics and specific. These platforms are not sophisticated to provide the right guidance over things. But, in reality, it cannot help you provide assistance like humans. Things are set to change with the new trending AI platform ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has now made a real change in how humans can interact with others. With every word and topic you search on this platform, it learns from the data. This can revolutionize how humans generally purchase a product online. As per the best website development company in US, this will revolutionize how people purchase things and make interactions.

Open AI is about exploring opportunities similar to Facebook and Google. This provides an opportunity for businesses to streamline opportunities. AI has always been a hot topic for this age and is useful. With more than $2.1 billion in investment in artificial intelligence in 2022, this year is set for the best possibilities. ChatGPT is something that has been set to change how we access information online.


The modern world is shifting towards a more personalized user experience. ChatGPT is an undeniable thing that is a hot topic among people with more than 1 million users within a week. This is designed to provide exact and curated information to its users. So, the big thing to discuss now is ChatGPT vs. Google- which is the best platform?

It is obvious that ChatGPT has created some serious issues for Google. This platform is helpful to respond to complex queries and questions with sophisticated answers. Let us go through the key points:

● ChatGPT is a platform designed by a San Francisco-based research firm OpenAI. This is useful for real-life applications catalyzing progress in the field of artificial intelligence.

● Both platforms are intended for the same purpose but work differently. Google has its own algorithm to provide the answer to queries. ChatGPT is designed for developing human-like responses to the users.

● ChatGPT can also be said as an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing. Google works as a search engine that utilizes information from billions of web pages and provides relevant results.

Let us take a closer look at how it can provide an advantage. You may know about the capabilities and limitations of its website, but things should be discussed in more detail.

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Google ChatGPT
Google works with a huge database that can help you deliver the latest information. It can help you deliver the most precise answers from billions of web pages in the database. The first thing to mention about ChatGPT is the human-like response. This provides you with the convenience of information for each query.
Google provides you the option to go through different answers. This offers you the most relevant answers to search queries. Another advantage is the nature of the information it provides based on the users. You can expect to have answers in a more precise manner.
The added advantage for Google is to provides real-time information. With this platform, you can search for flight schedules, search trains, traffic status, routes, and more. Yes, ChatGPT is capable of debugging codes. You can give them a code snippet and it can solve the bugs. It also explains to you the errors in the code.
Google is specifically designed for delivering personalized results almost for free. Most of the revenue of this platform comes from Ads. But, ChatGPT will surely be paid in near future. It works as a virtual assistant to help you write a poem, offer gift ideas, draft contracts & emails, and design graphics.
Google has its own algrithm to respond against user queries. It can understand all detailed variations in the text prompts and respond to queries. ChatGPT is adept to understand the basic context and adjust the response.


Google ChatGPT
Google is the most used search engine platform but does not have language processing capabilities like ChatGPT. ChatGPT has limited considering the available data. It does not have knowledge about everything but is rather trained in a limited data model.
Google does not possess the capabilities to work as an AI-powered virtual assistant. Sometimes we may not be satisfied with limited resources and answers. ChatGPT sometimes may lack variations in many instances.
ChatGPT does not guarantee to provide accurate information every time you use them. It is a free platform now, but it will be monetized surely.


Technologies have changed the way how the industry works. Considering the technology landscape chatbot can help people to create posts, and website pages, fix bugs in the code and write plagiarism-free content. As a vital tool for business growth, ChatGPT has been popular to provide productivity and efficiency. This is a new technology that can help your business improve its capabilities and provide solutions.

Build Public Relations & Copywrite Contents

ChatGPT has become something very helpful to produce some of the best content and publish them. This can also help you provide story ideas, tailored emails, and pitches. ChatGPT can provide tailored pitches and send tailored emails to customers in seconds.

Perform Data Analytics

The coding capabilities of ChatGPT can be a game changer for data analysis. This helps the process of data analysis process different than the conventional process. This can help you provide suggesting libraries that users do not know.

Build Customer Relation

Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT can help you have a swift thorough customer interaction. Whether customer interaction happens through email, messages, phone, or other devices, you need to draw a new response based on the findings. It provides a decent advantage to salespersons to craft a useful response to a customer complaint.

Generate Sales

A sales pitch is something very helpful with ChatGPT. So, if you want to build a very engaging sales script, ChatGPT is exactly suitable for your needs. This can help you provide an engaging and productive script considering the customers. Whether you want information regarding your services, products, and targeted audience, you can expect to get tailored scripts using this AI platform.

Teach Students

ChatGPT is an AI technology to make conversions with users. This was specifically designed for training a huge amount of data and converse the natural tone. This doesn’t only summarize options, definitions, lesson plans, and more. For students, ChatGPT can help students provide personalized assistance. This is also set to increase teacher productivity, plan creation, work examples, and more.

AI Art & Graphics Design

ChatGPT3 has been quite popular since it was released in November 2022. This is also helpful for users to generate videos, creative images, and music. OpenAI uses a text-to-image generator that works with 12 billion parameters developed by OpenAI. It can help you generate pictures that are super realistic every time you need them.


While talking about Google and ChatGPT, things may depend on overall usability. If we are talking about more comprehensive answers, writing examples, and code debugging, ChatGPT does not have any match. While Google fetches results based on web page rankings based on search queries. But ChatGPT has severe problems with accuracy and its own limitations. As per the best website development company in US, there is no ultimate winner, both platforms have their own way to show results as per the user queries.

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