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Developing a business app in this day and age means that you need to be ready for competition. After all, even though the market size of users accessing mobile apps is increasing, but the percentage of successful apps is still less than 1%. So you need to market your business well and give your app the best shot at success.

Know that one way of doing that is by hiring an iOS or Android app development company in Canada or elsewhere to develop a hybrid app for you. Why a hybrid app? Know that hybrid apps can utilize various platforms. As such, you will get a larger market userbase for advertising your product. This will increase your chance of success.

In fact, studies have found that about 74% of the apps available by 2021 will be hybrid apps. So you will get to market your business to a wider user base. As such, this will give your business more opportunities to succeed. Want to know if developing a hybrid app is worth it? Then let us tell you about its benefits:


Here are the pros of using a hybrid app over any other kind:


Many people hire mobile app Development Company USA or Canada to develop just web or native apps. The idea behind this thinking is to focus on the user base of just one platform. But what if it was possible to get it all together? That's what you can get with hybrid apps.

By using a hybrid application, you can market and provide your service to potential customers scattered across various platforms. Also, note that there will be consistency across the platforms. This means that an android user and an iOS user will see the same thing on your app. There will be no difference in design or information at all.


It's commonly known that it's cheaper to hire a mobile app development company USA or Canada for developing a hybrid application rather than a native or web one. After all, in a hybrid situation, you will be able to access the user base of various platforms. So you will require just one specialized team to develop the app.

But if you want to develop native apps for different platforms, you will have to hire development teams specializing in different platforms like iOS, Android, etc. As such, the development cost will increase, as will the time is taken to finish the project.

We should mention that maintenance work on hybrid solutions is easier. Know that this is because the developers maintain separate code bases for the various mobile platforms. Also, this additionally helps reduce time and cost to fix errors later on.


It can't be denied that when it comes to performance and speed, native apps have reigned superior over other versions. But nowadays, hybrid apps aren't any less behind. In fact, hybrid solutions are faster than responsive websites and other mobile web apps. This is because these apps don't need to depend on network communication.

As such, hybrid apps can run fast on the device screen even with a large pool of users. For example, Twitter is a social media hybrid app that handles a massive amount of traffic every day without breaking down. So hybrid apps will give you the speed you are after.


Two elements that will drive users to your application are consistent experience coupled with attractive design. With hybrid apps, you can be sure that your users will get a superior UI performance coupled with a flawless experience.

As a result of its un-obstructed operation as well as look on every platform, hybrid applications don't have to encounter the issues regarding lost loading time or performance. Note that this is especially true on multiple platforms.

Due to this, the businesses looking to maximize user engagement on Android and iOS devices choose this form of an app. However, note that the kind of UI and experience you will get, will depend on the experience level of the android app development company in Canada or elsewhere you are hiring.

As such, we would advise you to select a mobile app development company that has successfully made hybrid apps before. So always ask for a portfolio before hiring any company.

If you are looking to attract as many eyeballs to your business app as possible, then a hybrid app is the only solution. With this, you will be able to market your products and services to users on various platforms. Also, these apps allow for high-speed performance, have low development costs, and have interesting UI/UX designs. However, if you want all these in your hybrid app, then hire a competent and experienced mobile hybrid app developer. This will allow you to present a high-performance application to your audience.



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We are absolutely delighted to have chosen iWebNext to design and build a custom website.

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We are absolutely delighted to have chosen iWebNext to design and build a custom website.