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When you are building a website for your business, you will want the very best. One of the most commonly used platforms to make websites is WordPress. But even there's a complication because there are two kinds of WordPress platforms- simple and custom. These two platforms can be identified with their domains. One is called wordpress.org, and the other is wordpress.com.

So now the question is- which kind of WordPress should your hire a WordPress website development company in USA to use for your site? Now, are you feeling conflicted about which WordPress platform you should use? We are here to help you out in that respect.


Here we will talk about the benefits and cons of each of the two WordPress platforms. So let us begin by talking about WordPress.org first:

This version is often referred to as the actual WordPress that is free to use and is open source. Know that you just need web hosting and a domain name to work on this. It's because of this that it's also known as self-hosted WordPress. We can definitively say that whatever good you have heard about WordPress as a platform is due to this .org one. So now let us talk about the benefits of this version for any site made using WordPress development services in USA.


•Control: You will have full control regarding your site developed by a company providing WordPress development services in USA. As such, you will be able to customize it however you want or make the changes you need to it.

• Own everything: You own the data in the site and the website too. So your website won't get deleted if WordPress accuses it of being against their set terms of service. Of course, this doesn't apply in illegal cases. But other than that, you are the one who has total control.

• Add plugins And Themes: Want to add ads or plugins to your site made by a WordPress web development company in USA? Know that you can do it all. Note that you can even add any kind of premium or free WordPress themes too. So this makes this version scalable.

• Add Google Analytics: It is compatible with Google analytics and so you can use it for tracking views, clicks, and more. Also, you can use it for customized analytics. •Put Membership Sites: With this version, you will be able to make membership sites too, and sell those for premium courses, content, and more.

• Add Payment Gateways: You can add credit card payments to it and use the WordPress site for setting up sales of various kinds of products. Are you worried about shipping? You can ship them directly from the site as well.


Here are the disadvantages of using the wordpress.org version

• Cost: The first con is money. Know that you will need to pay for web hosting. While the amount at first will be within $10, but as time goes by and your business increases, this amount will grow too. But ideally, then you will be making more money too.

• Backup: You are the one who has to diligently backup everything in your site made by a top WordPress website development company in USA. However, you can get that done easily with the help of the backup plugins that will allow you to set up auto-backups.

• Installation:Know that to build a website on WordPress, you will have to install it. Thankfully, most WordPress hosting companies offer just one-click installation nowadays.

So now let us move on to its counterpart:


First of all, know that WordPress.com was developed by Automattic. It is the company led by Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress co-founder. The reason why this gets confused with the .org one is that they both share the same founder.

Now, before we move on to discussing the benefits and disadvantages of this platform, it's necessary to know about the pricing plans.

•Free- limited options •Personal plan- pay $48/year •Premium plan- pay $96/ year •Business plan-pay $300/ year •Ecommerce plan- pay $540/ year •VIP plan- pay $5000/ month

Now let us look at the benefits of this version:


• Free space: You will get 3GB worth of space here. However, once you exceed this, you will have to shift your site develop by WordPress development services in USAto the pricing plans given above.

• Backups: WordPress.com provides automatic backups so you don't have to worry about that.


• Ads Issue: There will be ads on the free version, but you will not make money due to it. Want to remove these? You will have to upgrade to the personal plan at the very least.

• No Plugins: A major con of this platform is that you can't upload any plugins. However, there are different slots of compatible plugins for different stages of the pricing plans. For example, a business plan allows you to install plugins but from a compatible set. Apart from this, there is a way you can install the plugins you want. You can do this is by opting for the VIP program. Note that this will cost you $5000/month at the least.

• No Themes: Along with plugins, you also won't be allowed to upload your custom themes. However, as with the plugin options, different plans will give you different preset themes to select from. Know that people opting for the business plans at least will be able to use custom CSS.

• No Ads: You can't place ads on your site developed by the WordPress website development company in USA.As such, it limits the ways you will be able to earn money from it. But there is one way out of this, and that's by using the WordAds plan. Know that this will allow you to post ads, and you can earn from it. But the catch is that you will have to divide the revenue with WordPress.

• No Integrated Payment: Planning on adding integrated payment options or any e-commerce features? You don't be able to do that until and unless you opt for the e-commerce pricing plan. Also, note that you won't be able to develop membership websites as well.

• No Google Analytics: You won't be able to use Google analytics. Also, you will get restricted to using only their stats. However, if you are at least a business plan customer, then you can use Google analytics.

• Website Deletion: To make things worse, your site made by a WordPress web development company in USAcan get deleted if they find that it goes against their service terms.


In simple terms- the wordpress.org site is better. It is self-hosted, free, and you will have the freedom to do everything you want there. However, with WordPress.com there is a restriction on everything until and unless you at least pay for the business plan. But even then, you won't be able to get much freedom.

So whether you are planning on building an e-commerce site or a family blog, wordpress.org will be better for you in every way. After all, you will be able to earn more after investing less in it. So why are you waiting? Contact a WordPress web development company in USA to develop a WordPress site for you.



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We are absolutely delighted to have chosen iWebNext to design and build a custom website.

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We are absolutely delighted to have chosen iWebNext to design and build a custom website.