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Before software gets launched or even delivered to the client, it goes through several testing steps by the software development company in US or elsewhere to ensure that there are no bugs and that the application is running properly. This step is important because it helps determine if the application is ready for widespread use. After all, if users complain of bugs just after launch, then it will be disastrous for the reputation of the company.

If you are planning on hiring a software development company in Canada or elsewhere, then you must be interested in knowing what kind of testing is done to ensure that you get a perfect application. So we are here to satisfy your curiosity and tell you the various steps that go into testing.


Here we will discuss the basic testing steps that are taken by a software development company in Toronto, Vancouver, or elsewhere.


During the basic testing stage, the testers at your software development company in California, Los Angeles, etc., will check if the buttons are working well. They will also check if one can enter text into a field without the application crashing. Along with this, other diminutive things are also tested like the hyperlinks, the page layouts, the content placement, the animations, etc.

So as you can see, absolute basic testing is done here to check the functionality of the app. After all, if the app crashes when a user is trying to enter their personal information, then it's no use to progress further on. So that has to be checked first. Also note that, no matter how many lags or crashes are found, it's the job of the tester of the software development company in New York, Las Vegas, or elsewhere to make a record of it for fixing.


It's common to have minor code issues when writing an application. But these little issues can create problems later on if they are not checked. That's why after the basic functionality has been sorted out, any software development company in New York or in other parts of the world, ask their testers to review the code again. However, know that the code isn't checked again by the same developer only.

The software development company in Ontario, Houston, or wherever you have hired, also puts another developer in-charge of reviewing the code. So with two sets of eyes looking at it, the chances of even minor errors escaping gets significantly reduced.


Going over the code isn't enough. Developers of your software development company in US or elsewhere also need to analyse the code. But testing and analysing the code will take an inordinate amount of time that will cause delay in launch.

But there is a way to shorten this window and that is by using static-code analyzing tools. Know that static code testing and analysis tools can detect any coding vulnerabilities as well as concurrency issues. As a result, they are useful for sorting out security issues without taking up too much time.


Developers of your software development company in Canada, UK, and elsewhere write various unit tests for ensuring that a unit is operating as expected. Also, the unit, which can be a component, method, or class, can be tested for a wide variety of invalid and valid inputs. These tests are run each time there's a change made in the repository of the source code.

Developers of many software development companies in Toronto, Vancouver, or elsewhere work with virtualized services and mock objects to ensure that their units get tested independently. Many companies use a coverage goal when testing their units. If the tests aren't extensive, then they can fail or lose a build. Of course, if a test doesn't work properly, then it gets fixed.


Testers of some software development companies in California or elsewhere have performance and load testing built into them. This allows the teams to run continuous integrations as soon as the code gets checked in. Know that this is mostly used during back-end code. However developers also do look at the single-user performances going on at the front end.

This allows them to be sure that the software is ultimately working and responsive. For example, if more than a few seconds is getting used for displaying a page, that's taken right from an emulated or local web server, then the testers figure out what part of the client code is responsible for it.

Different software development companies in Ontario and elsewhere have different kinds of testing protocols in place. But most companies follow the above steps for application testing. These steps ensure that the software is bug free, stable, and secure.



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We are absolutely delighted to have chosen iWebNext to design and build a custom website.