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The software development and IT industry is constantly changing. Every year, there are a bunch of programming languages that become famous and come out on top of others. Right now we are almost in the middle of 2021 and it's time to talk about the programming language for software development which is proving to be popular this year.

However, we should mention that there are multiple languages which are preferred by developers every year. So we will discuss them in their order of popularity and relevance in 2021.


Here we will talk about the programming language for software development that's preferred by developers:


Created by GuidovanRossum in the 1980s, Python has been growing in popularity throughout the decade. As per a study by StackOverflow, Python is the top programming language that developers want to study and learn. This language has reached this level of popularity because it is simple to learn, versatile, and effective.

It also has multiple libraries so developers don't have to write their code starting from scratch. So all the functions needed to complete the basic operations are there already. Note that, it is great for data science, machine learning, as well as IoT. Along with this, Python is open source so it's free to distribute and use.

If you are interested in Python now, then just wait a second. Let us tell you about some of its common disadvantages. Python has slow execution since it's carried out line-by-line. Also, this programming language consumes a lot of memory space as a result of data flexibility.

But the biggest problem with Python is that it's not useful for mobile application development. However, don't let these drawbacks deter you from learning Python. After all, Python is the number one programming language that's used in Pharmacology, Psychology, Biology, Medicine, Astronomy, etc.

If you need more convincing, then note that Google considers it to be a key language beside C++ and Java. Also Spotify and Instagram make use of Python for their server-side.


Kotlin first came about in 2011 courtesy of JetBrains. This programming language was developed by the company because Java's repetitive structure made projects challenging for JetBrains team. This led them to research other alternative options.

But none of the programming languages they chose satisfied their needs. So they developed one with the features that they wanted. One major benefit of Kotlin is that it works great with Java. It is consistent with the tools and framework of Java. As such, switching from one to the other becomes less troublesome.

Many software development company employees also appreciate the fact that there's fewer bugs. This is because the codebase is compact and clear. So there's less of a chance to commit errors. Note that it is also easy to maintain.

But everything is not perfect with Kotlin. There are some disadvantages that this coding language carries. For one, it has a slow moving compilation speed. Secondly, there are restricted resources since the community for this tool is still small.

Third, Kotlin is not the same as Java even though there's a lot that's common between the two. So for example, your group willneedadditionaltraining for switching a Java-base application to Kotlin.

But don't let these distract you from the fact that Kotlin is becoming a preferred programming language for software development. Currently, it's used for developing IoT apps, web development, data science, iOS app creation, and game development.


Scala is created by MartinOdersky who wanted to develop a coding language that combined object oriented and functional programming. It was developed to create an advanced language for the component softwares.

The reason Scala is on this list because developers who specialize in it draw some of the highest salaries worldwide. Scala is preferred by software development company workers because it's compatible with Java. So coders can leverage that library for use.

Also, it does what it was created to do- provide object oriented and functional programming. As such, developers can create concise code. As with the above two, there are some disadvantages of using Scala as well. First of all, Scala is difficult to learn due to functional programming features.

Also, it's syntax is quite complicated when compared to Java. The second barrier is the developer pool. Since scala is difficult to master so the coder pool is limited. This makes it difficult to find the correct specialist. The third concern is regarding its sustainability.

Many fear that since it's an emerging language so it can be dumped if the develop community doesn't find it flexible or worthy enough. However, even among these concerns it's still thriving. After all, notable sites like Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more are developed using it.

These 3 are the top trending programming languages that are used by software development company developers worldwide. If you are a coder looking forward to learning something new or sharpening your skills more, then choose any among these.



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