How to Avoid Google’s Penalty for Duplicated Content?

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How to Avoid Google’s Penalty for Duplicated Content?

In the world of SEO optimization, duplicated content is a big no-no. The common saying in the SEO industry is that duplicate content will harm website rankings. So this must make you think that only a small percentage of sites developed by a web development company in Arlington or elsewhere would have copied content. However, you would be wrong in thinking that.

Research has shown that about 27% to 30% of the sites developed by web design service in Arlington or elsewhere on Google have duplicated content. However, these sites are still up and ranking without much difficulty. So what’s the truth about site rankings being affected by duplicate content? Does that happen? And in what way does Google penalize sites for publishing identical content?

We will discuss all of that here. Then we will tell you some tips you can use for avoiding any penalty related to posting matching content.

Does Google Penalize Websites For Posting Duplicate Content?

HFirst of all, know that the Google penalty is actually a myth. Google doesn’t generally punish sites developed by any web design service in Arlington or elsewhere for publishing copied content. However, in some cases where a site's content is mostly full of identical content from other parts of the internet, then Google does lower its ranking.
Know that in extreme cases, it can even remove the site itself. This is especially done if it thinks that the site is intentionally manipulating and copying content.

So, your next question must be:

Does Duplicate Content Affect A Site's Ranking?

Just because Google doesn't always penalize by lowering a site's ranking, doesn't mean that duplicated content will help you. After all, if that was the case, then the percentage of duplicate content would be higher than 30%.

Know that duplicated content automatically affects a website created by any web development company in Arlington or anywhere else by reducing its organic traffic. As such, it reduces the ability to optimize the SEO performance. This happens because of backlink dilution, identical content surpassing yours, and indexing taking too long.

So, if your website can’t be SEO optimized and there’s also a reduction in organic traffic, then it will automatically drop down in rankings.

How Can You Avoid Penalty For Duplicated Content?

Here we will discuss some tips that will help you avoid penalties for identical content.

1.Don’t Use Duplicated Content

This might seem like a simple and silly tip, but know that the best way to avoid any penalties or traffic issues is by not posting copied content. So if you are planning on posting some writing, get it checked on one of the plagiarism checker sites. Know that this will allow you to determine if a part of it has been unintentionally copied.
As such, then you can rephrase or change it. Know that doing the hard work early on will allow you to carry out SEO optimization properly. As such, you can then enjoy high rankings in your site made using new modern development technologies.

2.Make Use Of 301 Redirects

One way to fix the duplicate content issue is by using 301 redirects. Using this will redirect your users to another page. Note that since this maintains link equity so, Google won't disturb it.
However, this isn't the right thing to use when it comes to facets. After all, you will want users to access those. Also, note that obviously, you need to have a website for this to work.

3.Make Use Of Canonical Tags

One way to deal with duplicate content is by using canonical tags. This will allow your users to access pages from your website itself. As such, the search engine won’t get confused about which pages it should rank in case of similarities. The canonical tag will tell it which pages should be shown in its search results.


4.Set The Domain You Like

You will probably be posting your content on various domains for better reach. But posting on different domains can dilute the traffic to your blog since Google will then choose which one to rank up by itself. As such, the page you want to showcase might not get chosen by the search engine.


However, you can prevent this by listing the domain you prefer. Due to this, Google won't choose and will instead refer to your choice only. Know that you can do this by heading to Google's Search Console and then entering your website's URL there.
After that, you need to select the gear-like icon present in the topmost-right corner. Now you need to click again on the 'Website Setting' link. Here you can set your favored domain.
So this will tell Google the way you want your website developed by the web development company in Arlington to show up. Make sure that you follow the same pattern when it comes to linking to internal pictures and more.

5.Set Same Internal Links

Let us expand more on the sentence we left the last point on. For example: if your site developed by a web design service in Arlington is registered with "www" and slashes, you need to follow the same style when posting content. Know that you need to follow this even if your site isn't registered on Google Console. Here a little tip: don't use "HTTP:" if you have set up your site using an SSL certificate. Instead, it will be better if you use "HTTPS:"

Following these tips and methods will allow you to avoid duplicate content. As such, with the help of these tips, you will be able to carry our SEO optimization and be able to rank your original content higher.