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With our single-vendor shopping cart software, create your online store.

Reaching more clients with your e-commerce website has never been simpler.

Do you realize the true advantages of operating an internet store? If so, you've come to the proper location to come up with the best answer. Single Vendor E-commerce Application Software Company in New York was created to satisfy the demands of the expanding e-commerce market. Also, our one-time payment model offers a ton of premium features at a low cost to support increasing your Ecommerce ROI.

Does the platform you now use not support high-end features? If the answer is yes, we will equip you with the right cutting-edge tools that will enable you to deliver unique brand experiences for your customers. Our e-commerce solution does provide you with complete store management capabilities that enable you to promote the brand you own in your way.

What are you waiting for, then? Take advantage of our cutting-edge e-commerce platform to swiftly establish your eye-catching online store, adjust it to market demands in real time, and experience consistent growth.

Single vendor Features

● Setup your impressive storefront:

The look and feel of your online storefront will influence sales and brand value. You may create a professional-looking and responsive e-commerce website with our beautiful Angular themes. Additionally, our platform is driven by single-page architecture (SPA), which guarantees a superior user experience by providing your consumers with an incredibly quick page-loading experience.

● Define the strategies with the right metrics:

It is quite inevitable that improving your e-Commerce product management strategy may help to increase your online store sales. Single Vendor E-commerce Application Software Company in New York offers you more than enough features in our eCommerce platforms to add unlimited categories lists and products along with the right product management metrics for you to define your strategies.

● Improve SEO for e-commerce:

The e-commerce site that is SEO-friendly is what drives more customers to your business and increases sales. Because Angular Universal is the foundation of our e-commerce platform, your online store will benefit from strong SEO. Better e-commerce SEO is ensured by Angular Universal by allowing your products and their descriptions to be seen online when a user searches for them.

● Streamline your e-Commerce business:

If you require the streamlining of your eCommerce operation, it will be good to have a better order management system to be placed.
We have the ideal solution that is already integrated to control your entire e-commerce order management process, boosting sales. With the aid of our system, you may consolidate storage orders and collaborate with logistic service providers to improve the shipping procedure.

● Improve customer retention:

By attracting new clients and keeping your current ones, marketing your e-commerce website on the appropriate platform ensures the success of your business. Any third-party Email and SMS service providers' APIs can be rapidly linked with our extensive admin panel, which was created using the NodeJs / Express framework.

● Deliver a seamless payment experience:

The payment gateway is a powerful way that will ensure smooth checkout and reassure the visitors of your eCommerce store about your trustworthiness.
This crucial function is carried out by our integrated payment gateways during the e-commerce transaction procedure. Moreover, other third-party payment gateways can be included at your request.

● Track real-time performance:

If you ran a real business, you would have had the chance to get to know your clients and learn about their preferences and passions. Nevertheless, with an online store, you cannot do this without certain analytical tools to monitor customer activity. You may effectively optimize your business using our cutting-edge e-commerce analytics and reporting solutions.

Mobile Apps

● PWA:

It is not a secret that mobile does influence shopping, which has changed with the advent of smartphones. Mobile shopping has changed how customers make decisions. So, it's time to make your e-commerce site mobile-friendly if you don't want to lose the online shopping game.
Single Vendor E-commerce Application Software Company in New York does provide e-commerce solutions that combine the capabilities of a mobile-optimized website with the usability of an app. This combination could either enrich the users' experience or improve the profit margin. Additionally, by utilizing PWA technology to create mobile web applications, our platform is very much in sync with current e-commerce trends.
As of the present statistics from the PWA stats, it is found that AliExpress has improved the conversion rate for new users by 104% across all the used browsers. The stat revealed that PWA has proved to be the most engages effective tool for the e-commerce industry as they effectively engage and do help to convert your customers.

● Mobile Ecommerce App Platform:

A ready-made e-commerce mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms is included with our e-commerce software, enabling you to attract more mobile users as clients.

● Hybrid Mobile Apps:

Create and release cross-platform hybrid apps for your full e-commerce solutions to provide your users with the best of both native and online apps.

Our Platform Suits All Models

You can construct an online store for everything from clothing to electronics to pets to royalty-free music and videos.
A universal e-commerce solution, Buy Commerce is appropriate for all business formats and verticals. Our top e-commerce software covers the following business models to meet your demands as you start your online business.

● Manufacturers, B2B
● Consumer Products for B2C
● B2B Wholesalers and Distributors

Personalized Design to Develop Your Individual Brand
With the aid of a versatile design and layout offered by Buy Commerce, you may alter the appearance and feel of our e-commerce software to correspond with your brand identity.
Also, you have access to our e-commerce developers, who may collaborate closely with you to create the online store of your dreams.

API Integrations

● Seamless integration of APIs:

With the help of Single Vendor E-commerce Application Software Company in New York, you can quickly link a number of well-known APIs to advertise your store, increase sales by accepting a variety of payment methods, and manage your company smoothly.

● Payment Gateways:

Buy Commerce is compatible with a number of international payment gateways.

● Integration of Logistics:

Integrating many top logistics APIs from your target area can increase logistical efficiency.

● Using Marketing:

With Buy Commerce, you can integrate the appropriate marketing tools and channels.